March 11, 2005

Vote Caster

The Vote Caster service provided by Bravenet allows you to set up and display several polls at once for web site visitors to cast their vote. Quickly and easily set up surveys, quizzes, and polls for your small business web site by signing up for a free Bravenet membership.

March 09, 2005

Definiteweb Australia

Definiteweb Australia provides search engine optimization and web design services for Australian and US (United States) businesses.

March 07, 2005


SiteUptime is a free web site monitoring service that helps you eliminate downtime for your web site. Multiple monitoring stations check the availability of your web site at specified intervals and notify you if your site goes down.

The Multi-Check technology monitors your web site from diverse geographic regions to ensure that your web site is accessible from multiple Internet points, thereby eliminating false alerts on isolated Internet outages.

March 01, 2005


TurboScout users only need to enter keywords once to get original results from different search engines.

If you are a small business owner, you will find TurboScout an invaluable tool in optimizing your small business web site for the search engines. Instead of visiting each of the search engine web sites, you will be able to use TurboScout to enter keywords and quickly find the ranking of your web site in the different search engines.